itop – Salient Features:
  • Modular integration eliminates duplication of data
  • Single‐company, multi‐company, multi‐division /department organization structure
  • Accounting and consolidation at company as well as group level
  • Multiple currency & Multi‐Language Support. Track exchange rate fluctuations
  • Classification of Inventories according to various groupings / classes
  • Transaction flow traceability / tracking
  • Transactions Entry, Reporting & Management Dash Boards
  • User Level Screen settings like Label Change from Caption Manager, Language, Font etc.
  • Handheld device Integrations Swipe‐card / Bar‐code integration
  • Dynamic Reports: Generate run‐time customized reports
  • Ability to communicate with external / legacy systems
  • Inter‐user messaging system & Integration with Email / Payment Gateway servers.
  • User‐Customizable Front‐end interface and help
  • User‐defined alerts, error messages, Reasons and Actions
  • User‐definable multilevel authorization security features
Industry Specific Solutions:
  • itop for Retail
  • itop for Manufacturing
  • itop for Real Estate
  • itop for Services
  • itop for Institutional
  • itop for Dealer
  • itop for Distributors


Financial Accounting
  • General Ledgers
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Account Payables
  • Bank Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Cash Journals
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Inter Unit and Inter Company Transactions
  • Sales Tax & Service Tax Functionality
  • Actual / Standard Costing, Variance Reports
  • Fully Customizable Balance sheet with drill down
  • Business Area wise Reporting and Financial Consolidation
Sales & Distribution
  • Inquiry and Quotation Management
  • Customer Specific Pricing for the Product
  • Credit Control using financial Instruments or Credit limits
  • Sales Revenue Calculation
  • Sales Order Costing
  • Delivery Date Determination with Order Simulation
  • Order Tracking and Booking
  • Analytical & Transaction reports on Customer, Order Number, Product Group & Sales
  • Stock Availability check during order booking.
  • Order Visibility across Inventory, Shipping & Billing Process
  • Returns & Cancellations Process
HR & Payroll
  • Comprehensive Employee details (Personnel Details, Company, Statutory, Bank)
  • Robust Income tax processing as per latest IT rules & Regulations
  • Meet Statutory Requirements etc...
  • Easy Interface for integration with Production Data of any ERP
  • Wage/Incentive calculation with Piece rate processing
  • Customizable Attendance & Overtime Calculations
  • Contractual employees accounting
  • Web portal for Leave, Loan, and Advance application
  • FI Integration
Material Management(Purchase & Inventory):
  • Procurement Process
  • Inbound / Outbound & Sub‐Contracting Process
  • Inventory Management
  • Dual UOM handling (For Packs & Bales with no standard UOM Conversions)
  • Bar‐Coding Interface to manage raw materials, WIP and finished products
  • Goods and materials can be transferred between various legal/global entities
  • Batch & Serial controlled materials supported by full transaction history & expiry date
  • Batch Characteristics and Material Characteristics
  • Bin Management System
  • Batch Recall Facility for Problematic Batches
  • Stock Valuation

Modules Under Development

Fixed Assets