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  • Our Services are Affordable
  • GENEMS offers efficient, affordable and cost-effective epub conversion services. We understand how important it is to give our clients the best possible product without breaking their bottom line, and we can do just that.

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  • We have experts that can manage many different conversion types and are dedicated to the success of every conversion.Our 24/7 customer support is also available to assist with any of your ebub conversion needs.

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  • We understand that deadlines and turnaround time are often considered prime criterion in outsourcing data services, which is why we will be diligent in meeting all obligations and open in our communication. For added assurance, we can also provide a no obligation sample work for our epub conversion services to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.

    E-Reader Conversion: A Brief Overview

    Epub Conversion is a globally accepted e-book format, and is one of the most popular e-book formats in the electronic publishing world. The PDF to epub e-book files can be read on wide range of electronic book readers that are iOS and Android compatible. The epub conversion process is similar to that of the PDF-based ebook format, however the ease and/or difficulty of the process depends greatly upon the file to be converted. The extensive use of images and tables, as well as layout formatting can make the task of epub conversion quite difficult.

  • The Benefits of ebook Conversion
  • Due to the mobile inclination of this generation, ebook conversion is the only logical step in the publishing process. Having digital content provides number of advantages, including the ability to potentially reach a wider audience.Digital content can also be optimized for search engines, making it easier for readers to find the content their looking for.

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