Digital & Interactive Learning

Incorporates students and faculty

Our system is designed to allow varying levels of access and use to both faculty and students, improving the educational process for everyone.

Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective

Mobile Device Compatible

The system is completely synchronized with smart phones allowing access for anyone on the go.

Collaborative Learning around the World

GENEMS is creating bonds between institutions in North America, Australia, and India in order to help establish a globally renowned curriculum.

Real Time Assessment

Assignments and examinations can be posted digitally with accompanying deadlines and reminders, without the need of creating and distributing physical copies in person.

Real Time Grading

As the majority of assignments and examinations will be digitally distributed, student work can be graded automatically and immediately upon submission into our system.

Forum for Problem-Solving

The system provides a forum for professors to create organized threads, allowing students to partake in organized discussion or problem solving. Students who are proactive in responding with solutions receive online "badges" in appreciation of their efforts.


A translation in select regional languages of standard definitions and frequently used terms is available.

Personal Folders

Each student will be provided with a few gigabytes of cloud space in order to save notes, assignments, and various documents, allowing for greater organization and less paper waste.

Digital Library

The most-sought after books will never "not be available" as all assigned student reading can be digitalized.

Image and Video Gallery

Events such as seminars and cultural shows will be available for students and faculty to access on demand and in real time.


Important fixtures such as Campus Recruitment posted here will reach each student in their mobile phone.


A basic word processor will be provided for students to make note of lectures and discussions.